May 27, 2021; Las Vegas, Nevada; Devin Haney and Jorge Linares face off after the final press conference for the Matchroom boxing card taking place this Saturday, May 29, 2021 at Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.
WBC title on the line in Haney’s return to Las Vegas on Saturday night
 Devin Haney (25-0 15 KOs) – defending WBC World Lightweight title against Jorge Linares
“I’m happy he said this was the best training camp and he’s in the best shape of his life. I want the best Jorge Linares so when I win that there’s no excuses and the world knows he came in 100 per cent.
“This is the time I’ve been waiting for; this is the moment and my time to finally shine against an incredible opponent and thinks he can put up a good fight and win against me. This is a huge opportunity for me, this is time to show everything I’m made of.
“Like Jorge said, this is a whole new level but I’m ready for it. It’ll be a very dominant performance; I think the world will be surprised at what kind of performance it is. I think even Jorge will be surprised at what type of fighter I am.” 
Bill Haney – trainer and father of Devin Haney
“As you know, we’ve always talked about getting Devin in that right fight that will catapult his career, we believe Jorge Linares is that guy. We’re thankful to Linares for stepping up and giving Devin that opportunity to once and for all show that he’s an elite fighter.
“We have appreciation for Matchroom and how long you’ve been patient. We’ve both tried to get those names in the ring, finally now on Saturday we have that name in Jorge Linares. We hope that he comes and brings his all, we hope to have a healthy and very competitive Jorge Linares so Devin actually can show he’s an elite fighter.
“These are the kind of fights that bring out the best in a fighter. A young fighter like Devin with so much in his toolbox, arsenal full of different kinds of punches. It’s just a great opportunity, we want Jorge to come at his best and bring out those things so we can showcase to the people what a wonderful talent he is.
“You’ll see Devin make a statement, he’s ready for this moment. It’s a euphoric moment, now we get a chance to be on the big stage, our home away from home in Vegas, we look forward to Saturday night, it’s going to be amazing.”
Jorge Linares (47-5 29 KOs) – challenges Devin Haney for the WBC World Lightweight title
“I’m very excited to be here in Vegas again, I’m next to the lightweight world champion Devin Haney, so this is a big opportunity of my life. I had a great training camp in Japan for a long time with my brother but now I’m here. I’m very excited for Saturday night.
“I feel much better than before, against Kevin Mitchell, Anthony Crolla, Vasiliy Lomachenko, I think this is the best and more important training camp – a big opportunity in my life. I’m here a couple more days.
“I’ve fought a lot of big fights, 52 fights, in England, USA, Latin America, this time I’ve come back to Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. It’s in amazing fight against an amazing young champion, it’s so exciting to show everyone who I am, how much experience I have and how good I feel.
“I respect Haney’s comments, thinking about after this fight, talking about Lopez and everyone in the lightweight division. Me too, I’m thinking about being a champion again and then fighting with the best in the division. There’s a lot of good opponents and champions, I need to be ready for that again.”
Chantelle Cameron (13-0 7 KOs) – defends her WBC World Super-Lightweight title against Melissa Hernandez
“I’m delighted to be here, and I can’t wait to get in there Saturday and put on a show. I’m a natural fighter, I do what I do, I don’t talk much I just let my hands do the talking.
“I’m always spiteful but now it’s added a bit more spice into it. I can’t wait to get in there now and get down to the action.
“I’m not going to look past Melissa, she’s a former world champion and has got a lot of experience but I’m the better fighter. Things for me are going to go forward and I’ve got a long journey ahead of me – I’m not stopping here.” 
Melissa Hernandez (23-7-3 7 KOs) – challenges Chantelle Cameron for the WBC World Super-Lightweight title
“Saturday, expect fireworks. Women’s boxing is back to stay, I was one of the pioneers and I’m here to prove that I still have it and pay homage to all the women that came before me.
“We busted out asses for so long to finally be on these huge cards and to be getting paid more than we used to. When I was fighting, our purses weren’t even enough to pay our rent, now we have women building empires off it – it’s amazing to be here.
“To clear things up about the banter that went on between us, it was taken out of context by somebody chasing clout. I heard what I heard, at the end of the day, the fight is happening. I’m happy I had that extra time to train because she’s a badass, I’m here to prove that I’m a little bit more of a badass.”
Jason Quigley (18-1 14 KOs) – defends WBO NABO Middleweight title against Shane Mosley Jr
“This is a massive opportunity, big stage, capital of professional boxing here in Las Vegas. It’s a great platform for us to get on the stage, showcase our skills and give our absolute best come fight night.
“Once that bells rings there’s always going to be fireworks., especially with a great fight like this on the line. We both know what this fight means to us, we both know where this fight can put us in our careers. You can definitely expect fireworks come fight night.”
Shane Mosley Jr. (17-3 10 KOs) – challenges Jason Quigley for the WBO NABO Middleweight title against Jason Quigley
“I’m grateful to be a part of this, it’s a great card and I’m grateful to be here and have this opportunity. This is everything I’ve wanted; this is my opportunity. I’m going to take advantage of that and do my best.
“I’m in this sport because I want to be known as my own man, I want to be known as Shane Mosley Jr. That’s why I’m here and that’s what I’m going to do.
“That’s why they come to watch the fights, we put on good shows. Golden Boy, Matchroom, both put on great shows and that’s what we’re expected to do.”
Robert Diaz – VP/Matchmaker, Golden Boy Promotions
“I want to wish both fighters good luck, I know once the bell rings you guys are concentrated on one thing only. This fight means so much to both Jason and Shane, it’s such an important fight, it’s a very even fight and a fight nobody wants to miss. They both know what a win on Saturday night is going to do for their career.
“I know both fighters very well, I’ve known Shane since he was a boy working with his father. I’ve known Jason since his pro debut working his whole career with Golden Boy – I’ve become very attached to both. They’re both very similar outside the ring, they’re gentlemen. There hasn’t been once bad thing said between them, but once that bell rings they’re not friends. Trust me, they’re both coming to knock each other out. May the best man win.”
Martin J. Ward (24-1-2 11 KOs) – faces Azinga Fuzile in a final eliminator for the IBF World Super-Featherweight title
“This is my time now to shine. Las Vegas, the bright lights and big city, that’s what I’m here for. To deal with this guy here, it’s all business, I’m fighting on Saturday night for me. I’m going to deal with him in good fashion and show the US public who I am. Azinga Fuzile knows who I am, he’ll definitely know my name Saturday.
“Azinga is a good fighter, it’s going to make for good fight but I’m 100% confident I’m going to do a job on this guy. He’s a good, slick fighter but I’ve definitely got all the tools in my arsenal to deal with him in good fashion on Saturday night.
“I’ve put it all in at camp, I’ve done all that I’ve needed to do, it’s all on Saturday night now. The talking means nothing, I’ve prepared, I’m mentally and physically there, I’m ready to put on a good show on Saturday night and excite the fans.”
Azinga Fuzile (14-1 8 KOs) – faces Martin J. Ward in a final eliminator for the IBF World Super-Featherweight title
“I’m ready for the fight, I’ve been preparing for three months for the fight. I’m ready, I can’t wait for Saturday to beat Martin. I promise you, Martin, I’m going to win. I signed the contract to fight and that’s what I’m going to do on fight night.
“I’m too good for Martin. I’ve seen his videos, watched him fight, then I said I can fight him in a way that I can beat him easily. Firstly, I didn’t know about him, when I was checking the ratings looking at the guys on top. I found out who he was when they said I must fight Martin Ward. He will know me better, who Azinga is and what he’s capable of.
“I won’t say how I’m going to beat him; you’re all going to see it on Saturday. My fight with Rakhimov, what happened, happened, I had to move on. Now I’m facing this guy, I need to take him out of my way. I’m ready to show the people of Las Vegas beautiful boxing.”
Khalil Coe – makes professional debut
“I’m looking forward to the journey with Matchroom, I already put on a show and I’m grateful to be on this card for my pro debut. The talent that’s going behind me, I want to stand out just as well as they do.
“This is what I’ve been waiting on my whole career, I never thought I would be signed with Matchroom so that’s a big plus. I’m going take advantage and do what I’ve got to do and put it on for the fans.
“There’s going to be a big difference. Some people just think I only have a right hand, I’m only a puncher, but I have footwork, elusiveness, and power. You never know what I’m going to bring to the fight.”
Reshat Mati (9-0 7 KOs) – fights Ryan Pino in his tenth pro fight.
“I’m looking to be active as much as possible. I’m looking for big fights, to get my name out there, you told me to go down to 140lbs, we ventured slowly, worked our way down and make a big impact.
“I’ve learned just to stay calm. In the amateurs it’s three rounds, it’s quick. The main thing is to stay loose, listen to your coaches and stay active as much as possible. It’s better to stay active because the times you have off tests you to how you come back to those adversities. First I’ve got to deal with this guy Saturday and then work our way to the next fight.”
Ramla Ali (2-0) – faces Mikayla Nebel in her third pro fight
“I can’t believe I’ve been given the opportunity to fight in the boxing capital of the world, Vegas, so early on in my career. I can only feel grateful, humbled, and honored to be part of such an amazing card. I love Jorge Linares, I grew up watching him, I think he’s amazing and him versus Haney is going to be electric.
“I think there was a little twitter war going on this morning, someone took what I said out of context. What I meant was you’ve got these amazing fighters in the world, Lomachenko, Shields, Katie Taylor, who have done so much in the amateurs, won everything there is to possibly win, if they wanted to fight for a World title in their first fight, they’d be deserved of it. I want to feel deserved of a World title and to feel like a World champion when I feel ready. I don’t want to be pushed into it when I don’t feel ready.
“I’m really excited for when those opportunities will arise, I never shy away from a challenge and if fighting those girls means that it’s the next step to a world title then so be it.”
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