DANIEL DUBOIS ASSESSED the heavyweight landscape and concluded that he is destined to become the leading man of the division when his time comes.

The 24-year-old is ranked at No.1 by the WBA and a shot at the champion Trevor Bryan is set to be called by the governing body. The WBA, of course, also have a ‘super champion’ via unification which is currently Oleksandr Usyk, who is awaiting a rematch with the vanquished Anthony Joshua.

Dubois defeating Bryan would ultimately see him put forward to face the Usyk-Joshua winner, or perhaps an undisputed champion if the belts come together.

Dubois acknowledges there is a lot to play out before any such mystic matchmaking becomes a reality.

“Let’s see in the next couple of fights and where it goes,” reasoned Dubois, who is set to return to the ring in March to begin his assault on world honours. “I want to take one fight at a time. I want to be up there at the top level fighting the best, winning a world title and holding onto it for a good long time. That is my aim and is all I can say.”

On the next destination for three of the belts, Dubois reiterates the thinking that Joshua must enforce his physical advantages to be in with a decent shout of reclaiming his lost property. However, he considers his heavyweight countryman as a winner whatever direction the titles go in.

“It was a good win for Usyk and a good fight for both of them really, a win either way for Joshua. They have a rematch now and I don’t know how that will turn out.

“He has reached the top level and what more can he do? I was a little bit surprised by the fight and, like a lot of people, I am of the opinion that he should have roughed him up, been a bit more physical with him and used his strength.

“He did what he did and Usyk just used his skill and boxed. He is a superior boxer so it all came good for him.

“He could possibly win the rematch and has got a chance. He is saying all the right things about changing up and coming in with a different attitude, so we will see,” continued Dubois, who believes Joshua’s training situation is purely down to personal choice and he must do what is right for himself.

“He has got to do what is right for him and look out for No.1. If it is a right decision he feels he needs to make then so be it.

“For me you always have to change things up when it goes stale and when something is broken you need to try and fix it. Good luck to him.”
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