Vacant WBC World Super-Flyweight title on the line in Phoenix on Saturday
Carlos Cuadras and Jesse Rodriguez came face-to-face for the first time today at a press conference in downtown Phoenix as they meet for the vacant WBC World Super-Flyweight title at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday night, live worldwide on DAZN.


Carlos Cuadras – faces Jesse Rodriguez for the vacant WBC World Super-Flyweight title.
“This is what I desire the most in the world, to be a champion again. Whoever is in my way, it was meant to be Rungvisai but he got sick, so we have Jesse and I am ready.
“As the fight progresses, you’ll see my experience show. I’ve seen Jesse fight and I know he’s a great fighter, I will be careful but more than anything, I will give him his medicine.
“I expect the best from him and from me. I think Jesse will come prepared and be strong, so he doesn’t go down quickly. I will give the best of me like I do in every fight.”
Jesse Rodriguez – faces Carlos Cuadras for the vacant WBC World Super-Flyweight title.
“No hesitation in taking this fight. Robert and I believe, and we train so hard, we know we can beat anyone at 108lbs, 112lbs and 115lbs. And come Saturday night that training, and that confidence is going to show, San Antonio is going to have a new World champion.
“I am searching for big fights. My last fight was meant to be for a World title but that fell through. This opportunity came at 115lbs for the WBC title, and who is going to pass that up? We’re ready for this.
“The size is not a problem. A lot of people are saying that I have to gain weight to go up to 115lbs, but I walk around at 130lbs so I have had to lose weight and I’m a big 108lber so at 115lbs it’s just going to be another beautiful performance.
“This is my moment, I am born to perform and on Saturday night, a star will be born.”
Jamie Mitchell – defends WBA World Bantamweight title against Carly Skelly.
“I am definitely ready to defend my title, it’s going to be a great night.
“You cannot doubt yourself no matter whether you are chosen as an opponent or you are the A-side. I knew I was going to go in there against Shannon Courtenay and do what I had to do. I have tremendous coaches and a great manager, and the belief I have in myself is phenomenal, so I have all the confidence I need to be a World champion.
“Carly is a great opponent for me, but I am going to show everybody why I am a World champion. Nothing has been given to me at all, I am going to go out and show my skills and capabilities.
“I’m not giving up nothing but ass-whoopings – no-one is getting this belt.”
Carly Skelly – challenges Jamie Mitchell for the WBA World Bantamweight title
“It’s come from nowhere getting this shot and I am absolutely made up for it. It’s an opportunity that I am going to take with both hands.
“As soon as I saw the message about the fight, I didn’t even process it, I 100 per cent wanted this fight. I was at the fight in Liverpool when Jamie and Shannon fought, and I wanted to call out the winner for a fight that I want and one I can win.
“I have been given a draw before that I didn’t agree with, so I know that I have to go and give everything to win that belt. I am a fighter, I am going to come forward and make it hard work, I’ve got so much more about me than just work rate, I’ve got skills and I am going to show it all on Saturday.”
Raymond Ford – defends WBA Continental Featherweight title against Edward Vazquez
“He’s supposed to feel he can beat me, if he was coming in here not confident, you know how that’s going to go. So, he’s talked a lot on social media, so I want to see that same energy. We are going to bring the heat if he comes to fight. If he comes in fast, he’s going to run into heavy shots and it’ll be an early night, so we’ll see how it goes.
“I am always going to feel like I am ready for those big names, for anybody, that’s the fighter in me. It’s been about getting experience, and I am getting older and smarter, so after I handle this dude, we move onto the bigger names.
“Everybody wants to bring up the draw. The dude couldn’t beat me on my worst night so imagine what I would do to him on my best night? that’s in the past, he didn’t want the rematch and I beat up the last two people put in front of me. I am going to torch this guy and then do the same to others. You’ll see on Saturday.”
Edward Vazquez – challenges Raymond Ford for WBA Continental Featherweight
“This isn’t my first step up fight, I’ve had three before and I’ve won them all. I am well prepared, a six-week camp, no shortcuts and no corners cut, this is the best I’ve felt and the title is coming home to Texas with me.
“Ray is skillful, and he’s had good wins, I respect what he’s done, but he’s had one step up fight and he got a draw.
“You have to use your brain and outthink your opponent. Being fast and flashy is nice but only gets you so far. It’s the brain that wins fights and I have more of that than him.
“This is everything I have dreamed of and visualized; I feel I have been here before because I have seen it played out in my head. I am comfortable, well prepared and ready.”
Khalil Coe – faces Dylan O’Sullivan
“The weight played a part in the draw. We started the cut late in camp, we forced it a little, but we’ve learned from it and we’re here and better for it now.
“It was a minor setback, but a lesson learned. It’s not something I want to forget, I want to remember it and grow from it, and never let it happen again.
“It showed me what I am capable of doing when I am not 100 per cent, so imagine what I can do when I am at my best.”
Aaron Aponte – faces Louis Jourdain
“I am grateful to Matchroom for signing me and giving me these opportunities, I am well prepared and ready.
“Knockouts are great, but the focus is to win, to learn and put on a show in style.”
Cuadras and Rodriguez clash on a big night of action in Phoenix with more World title action on the card as Jamie Mitchell (7-0-2 4 KOs) makes the first defense of her WBA Bantamweight title against Carly Skelly (4-0-1).
Raymond Ford (10-0-1 6 KOs) defends his WBA Continental Featherweight title for the second time against Edward Vazquez (11-0 3 KOs), Fernando Diaz (10-1-1 3 KOs) was set to face Rodriguez but now meets unbeaten Phoenix man Lorenzo Smith (10-0 8 KOs) another new Matchroom Stateside signing Aaron Aponte (4-0 KOs) looks to extend his unbeaten start to life in the paid ranks against unbeaten Canadian Louis Jourdain (2-0 1 KO), Light Heavyweight talent Khalil Coe (1-0-1 1 KO) also meets Dylan O’Sullivan (1-0 1 KO) and there’s a big stage for two Arizona fighters, Heavyweight Adam Stewart (12-1-1 8 KOs) and Middleweight Elijah Garcia (9-0 8 KOs).
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