DANIEL DUBOIS CAME face to face with WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan this afternoon ahead of their big title collision in Florida on Saturday, live on BT Sport.

Veteran promoter Don King led proceedings in his own inimitable fashion, explaining that the title of the show, ‘The fight for freedom and peace’, is in honour of the people of Ukraine.

“This is the final press conference before the rumble on Saturday night,” said the 90-year-old fight maker. “I am very pleased and honoured to have this press conference with all these great fighters and it is going to be a super event.

“The Fight for Freedom and Peace is dedicated this time to the brave and courageous people of Ukraine, that Russia has decided to invade and declare war because of a bruised ego. It is a family feud that has turned into a tragedy.

“I got a call last night to say bombing had started in Kiev because the Klitschko brothers were going to try and be here to further their cause and fight for freedom, independence, peace and sovereignty they want.

“Now, with Francis (Warren) sitting to my left, the British are coming, the British are coming! I read in a column that the eloquent and distinguished Dubois said ‘I’m gonna devastate Trevor Bryan for making me wait so long’.

“Trevor wants to fight every day and twice on Saturdays. I am just delighted now we are going to have a real good time, whoever wins.”

“I am ready to rumble,” said Dubois when he took to the podium. “I am out here to make myself, my family and my country proud. This is what I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait. I am going to go through Trevor and take that belt back with me on the plane.”

Representing Queensberry, Francis Warren added: “I just want to say it is a pleasure to be here in Miami with Daniel and the team and I big thank you to Don and all his great staff for making us feel so welcome and putting on a great event.

“Daniel has been waiting for this a long time and we respect Trevor tremendously as a world champion but Daniel is here to do the business and we are fully confident we will be going home with the new WBA world champion.”

Champion Bryan talked of the lack of recognition he has received as the WBA title holder, something he intends to change against Dubois at Casino Miami on Saturday night.

“Listen, this is who I am, I’m Trevor Bryan. See this face right here? I’ve been here for a long time and I’m gonna be here for a long time. I want to thank you guys for coming over the pond to get this ass-whipping.

“Let me just say again, you know who Trevor Bryan is. I am the WBA heavyweight champion and I’m here to stay. This fight is called freedom and peace, but before you have freedom and peace you gotta have war.

“That is what we’re gonna have on June 11. The guy thinks I’m nothing, I’m 22-0 and he’s just gonna walk through me, right? That’s not what’s gonna happen, I’m telling you right now.

“I’m Trevor Bryan, the Dream, and I’m gonna be this guy’s nightmare.”

WATCH Trevor Bryan vs Daniel Dubois plus British title action from Telford on Saturday from 7pm live on BT Sport 1.
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