during their Public workout ahead of His/Her fight this weekend. Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing. Leigh Wood with his personalised Ferrari.
Public Workout quotes from Memorial Hall
Fight week got underway in Sheffield this evening as Leigh Wood and Josh Warringtonwere put through their paces during the Public Workout in the Memorial Hall at Sheffield City Hall ahead of a huge World Title double-header at the Utilita Arena Sheffield this Saturday October 7, shown live worldwide on DAZN.

The Featherweight rivals, who clash for the WBA World Title on neutral ground, were joined by fighters on the undercard, including WBA Super-Welterweight World Champion Terri Harper and former world pound-for-pound number one Cecilia Breakhus.  

Nottingham’s defending Champion Wood (27-3, 16 KOs) made a spectacular entrance, arriving in a custom wrapped Ferrari supercar, before performing a short workout that consisted of skipping and shadow boxing for the fans and media in attendance. 

Former IBF king Warrington (31-2-1, 8 KOs) will be bidding to become a three-time Featherweight World Champion after surrendering his World Title to Mexico’s Luis Alberto Lopez at the First Direct Arena in Leeds last time out.

Leigh Wood:
“Cool, calm and collected. I’ve done everything that I needed to do. I know what I need to do on the night. This is just all the theatrical part of it for me. I’m counting down the days. Tomorrow is probably the worst day – the press conference. It drags, but I’m getting better at it with every camp – right at the end of my career. I can’t wait until fight night. 

“It’s been respectful between us all camp. I think Josh is starting to get slightly aggressive, starting to swear a little bit. He thinks people will like him if he swears a little bit more. The last fews days, I think he’s changing a little bit. He might even be trying to rattle me, I don’t know. Like I said, I’m cool, calm and collected and I know what I’ve got to do. 

“I’ve been at this level many times. He’s going to do what he always does and I’ll do what I always do. I feel like I’ve always had the potential, but I was missing a little bit of guidance. I got to a high level doing things on my own, but since I’ve teamed up with Ben it’s brought out the best in me and it’s showing on fight night. I make less mistakes and I capitalise on my opponents – it’s taken me to another level.”

Josh Warrington:

“It’s just here isn’t it, it’s here. You just want to get in there and fight. He’s stood there. Have I got an adrenaline rush? No, I’m pretty chilled out. We’ve got to do all of this media stuff, the open workouts, it’s all part of the promotion. We know when Saturday comes, that’s when the real stuff happens. This kind of helps speed up the week a little bit. I don’t mind it. Listen, I’d rather be sat at home watching Homes Under the Hammer with my feet up, but it speeds up the time. 

“I’ve said it throughout my career, every fight has been must-win. Go back to the 31st of October, 2009 my professional debut – that was a must-win. I wanted to get off on winning ways. As your career goes on, that next one is your biggest one. In terms of is it my biggest night altogether, you’ll have t ask me that when I’m done and retired. At this moment in time in my career it’s the biggest fight. 

“I pinched myself becoming a World Champion, never mind a three-time World Champion. That’s not bad that. I’m going to be asking for freebies around where I live. It’s fantastic, but we’re not done. There’s this and there’s more to add to it. I still strongly believe that I can add more to my career. I always say Josh Warrington win no matter how it comes, but this one, I don’t see it going 12 rounds.”

Terri Harper:

“I’m very grateful that we’ve been able to reschedule the fight. It’s a better fight now there’s another belt on the line. Now I get to do it in front of a home crowd. I’ve got to go out there on Saturday night, obviously respect that she’s got all of this experience over me and she’s one of the greatest, but I’ve got to use my youth and my speed and everything to my advantage. I’ve really got to stick it on her.

“I feel like Cecilia likes to have things at her pace. She’s got a good jab, one thing I’ve got to take away from her is her jab. Take that away then I’ve just got to be busy. There’s no respect on the night, during the fight. She’s there trying to stop me from reaching my goals and achieving my dreams to that’s how I see it. After the fight that’s when I’ll show respect.”

Kieron Conway:

“I’m very well. I feel really good. I’m happy to be here, finally, because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been in the ring – February, so it’s been a good few months. I just want to get going, I’m desperate to get going. Camp has been very good, I’m more than ready. I just need to get in there now. 

“I had a little injury. It never stops, you always get injured in this game, it’s a rough game. But I’m here now and I’m fully ready, fully fit and 100% injury free and ready to go. I’ve had some time to work on myself, mentally and physically. I’m just good go. I need to get in there and put everything into place that I’ve been working on. Not putting too much pressure on myself saying I’m this and I’m that.

“I’ve been around the block, been around the world. This is where it all comes into play now and I put it all together. Put all of the pieces together in the right places. I’ve got nothing to take away from Linus, I’m just here to win though. It doesn’t matter who’s in the opposite corner at the minute, I’m in mindset and a place, there only outcome here is a win for me.”

Linus Udofia:

“I’m feeling very well. I can’t wait man, I can’t wait. It’s been a long time coming – this was meant to happen in May but it didn’t. It is what it is, we’re here now. We’re here now and I cannot wait. I’m going to show him he’s not levels above me. I’m going to show him that he’s one dimensional and he can’t do much. When it gets hard he just coasts. I can do a lot more than him. I outclass him in every single department. I don’t see him beating me. It is what it is and we’ll see on Saturday. 

“Denzel has gone on to do great things. Not even talking about defeats, I beat Tyler Denny for the English Title, now he’s fighting for the European. And we’re talking about levels above? Kieron Conway – what’s his best win? JJ Metcalf. My best win is Tyler Denny. I’m jut saying let’s not talk about levels – let’s show it on Saturday.”

Hopey Price:

“I was never in a rush but I’ve always wanted to pick up these titles. I’ve picked up three titles in eleven fights. These Intercontinental belts are good, they get you a good world ranking. I think I’m thirteen with the WBA and I’m in those top rankings. They’re good but I’ve always wanted to do it the traditional way. I’ve always wanted the British Title, I’ve spoken about it since a young age saying I’d like to give it to my dad one day. I’m close to it now. 

“I want to clean up, I want the full lot. British, Commonwealth, European, World amateur Champion, Youth Olympic Gold, so I want to do the same in the pros. Put on another good performance this weekend, do my job, and then I’m in line for the British Title so it’s going to be next. Weever that may be, hopefully I can get it back in Leeds – that would be good wouldn’t it.”
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