Adrian Curiel and Sivenathi Nontshinga face-off after the final press conference ahead of the Matchroom Boxing card on February 16, 2024 at Auditorio Guelaguetza in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico. Mandatory Credit: Melina Pizano/Matchroom.
IBF World Light-Flyweight title rematch takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico on Friday night, live worldwide on DAZN
Frank Smith

“Our Mexican series of boxing always brings amazing nights and fights, and Friday will be the same. Thank you to the government here in Oaxaca and everyone involved for making this event possible. 

“It’s going to be an amazing night of fights and there’s a massive opportunity for some young fighters on the big stage live on DAZN ahead of the return of Mauricio Lara, who is always in exciting fights and we’re looking forward to the next phase of his career, and then we have the rematch. 

“The first time in Monaco, Adrian surprised a lot of people, I don’t think people thought he had the power to do what he did, so Sive is here to change that story. I was in Mexico when Sive won the title and it’s probably the best fight I’ve ever seen in my life, a back and forth 12 rounds. If Sive can recreate that night, and Adrian can do what he did in Monaco, we’re in for something special.”

Adrian Curiel – defends his IBF World Light-Flyweight title in rematch against Sivenathi Nontshinga

“It’s great to be here and a huge opportunity to defend my title. We have trained as champions, but we will go into the fight with a challenger mentality. It’s great to defend my belt on home soil. It was not a lucky shot or KO. 

“I’ve been watching interviews that he’s been giving, and he says that I’m not a big puncher and I’m an easy fighter, but he’ll see on Friday that as we say here, people need to back up what they say. So, we’ll see on Friday if that’s true.”

Sivenathi Nontshinga – challenges Adrian Curiel in rematch for the IBF World Light-Flyweight title 

“My title looks good on him! It feels great to be here, it’s been a long time coming, I’ve been working so hard, and I will grab this opportunity with both hands. There will be a great atmosphere, I’ve met so many kind people here and I am looking forward to Friday night. 

“I’ve trained so hard, it’s not the first time I’ve prepared for a World title fight, I’ve been a champion before, and I promise everybody that once again I will prevail. I believe falling down is part of life, but getting back up is living, so once again, I will become a champion.

Mauricio Lara – faces Daniel Lugo over ten rounds at Super-Featherweight

“I just took some time out to analyze what was going on in terms of my boxing, and now I am back. I take it all calmly. I have traveled all over the world to fight, but it’s similar in terms of mental focus for this fight and it’s lovely to be Oaxaca, a lovely part of Mexico, and I’m motivated and full of emotion to make sure people go away happy from this fight.”

Daniel Lugo – faces Mauricio Lara over ten rounds at Super-Featherweight

“We know he is a former champion, we see this as a big opportunity. We came to Oaxaca three weeks ago so that we could adapt and be ready at the optimal conditions on Friday. I’m have the hunger to win and to become known in boxing, we’ve had a really good camp and I feel really, really strong.”

Sergio Chirino Sanchez – faces Dennis Contreras over ten rounds at Super-Bantamweight title

“I am delighted to be fighting at home, and welcome everybody to Oaxaca. It’s great to be in such a big fight and also on such a great card. It’s an opportunity for all the boxers to shine, for the eyes of the world to be on Oaxaca on Friday night. We’ve been training with the opponent in mind, but we have a lot of experience, so it’s a great opportunity and we’re going to show that we are ready.”

Arturo Cardenas – faces Ernesto Garcia over ten rounds for the WBC Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title

“It’s a great opportunity for me to be here and I’m happy to be fighting for my first title and on such a big card. We’ve had a great camp, we always do with Robert Garcia and RGBA, we’re always 100 per cent ready for whatever comes our way, and this is a great chance and fight for me, and we feel ready.”

Criztec Bazaldua – faces Alejandro Castillo over six rounds at Lightweight

“It’s a blessing to come back to my home roots in Mexico and put on a show. Me, Fed and Diego we grew up together and it’s great to see us succeeding, we Just need to keep going and keep putting South Central LA on the map.”

Federico Pacheco – faces Joe Mario Tamez over four rounds at Heavyweight

“Thank you to Matchroom for giving me another fight on the big stage. Last time it was in Monterrey and I love coming down to Mexico top put on a show. I am ready and very thankful to be here. I am the first fight and Criztec is the second fight, so we are putting LA in the house, and we’ll set the tone for sure.”
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