Former world champion, Wilfredo 'Bimbito' Méndez, from Trujillo Alto, will battle for the #1 position in the World Boxing Association (WBA) at 105 pounds, when he faces the Californian Jesús Haro. The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds for the organization's GOLD belt, from the Rubén Zayas Coliseum, in Trujillo Alto.

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At the official weigh-in, Méndez weighed 104.7 pounds and Haro weighed 104.1 pounds.

“The goal is to be Puerto Rico's sixth world champion before the end of 2024, but first I will have to beat an opponent who knows me very well, is talented and very dedicated. “I am happy to have a fight of great importance in front of my people,” said Méndez.

REVENGE Fight of the Year 2023:
Jeremis Hernández (1-1), from Trujillo Alto, and Luis Joel Quiles (1-0), from Cidrão, each weighed 115 pounds in a 4-round 115-pound bout. The first fight was at 118 pounds.

Omar 'La Mamba' Pacheco (0-0-1), from Trujillo Alto and the Dominican resident in Toa Baja Antonio Mota (1-0) weighed 135 pounds each in a 4-round fight.

Lionell Colón (2-0, 2 KOs), from Corozal and Carlos Ortíz (1-1, 1 KO), from Trujillo Alto, weighed 142 pounds each in a 4-round fight.

Carlos 'El Abayarde' Morales, from San Juan, weighed 127 pounds and Pedro Hernández, from Aguada, weighed 126 pounds in a six-round fight.

Alexander 'Rayito' Rivera, from Bayamón, weighed 122 pounds and Jenn González, from Nicaragua, weighed 124 pounds in a 6-round fight.

Jan Pomales, from Trujillo Alto, and Ángel Rosado, from Canóvanas, weighed 132 pounds in a 4-round fight.
Debutante Jesús Vázquez, from San Lorenzo scored 153 pounds and Oscar Adorno from Vega Alta scored 152 in a 4-round fight.

Carlos Mitzael Jiménez, from Guayama, weighed 143 pounds and Carlos Matos from Mayagüez weighed 145 pounds in a 6-round fight at the maximum weight of 142 pounds.
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