Sometimes there are fights that just capture the Boxing World’s attention, Gatti-Ward, Ali-Frazier, Froch-Kessler, Holyfield-Bowe, Marquéz-Vazquéz etc that afterwards the fans go out of their way demanding a rematch and in some cases a trilogy or more as in the case of Marquéz-Vazquéz!

In each of the cases mentioned above these were prime time internationally broadcast events, however sometimes there’s a fight that slips under the radar of the majority of fans for one reason or another.

One such fight was the Ben McGivern versus Navid Iran ‘Fight of the Year’ nominated Battle Royale back in November last year, which was broadcast live only on Facebook.

Whilst it did pass under the radar of the majority of fans worldwide, it may surprise many readers to learn that after the first fight, so many boxing fans were lighting up Social Media calling for McGivern-Iran II, that Promoter Tommy Jacobs just couldn’t ignore them and so on the 22nd June at the Prince’s Theatre in Clacton-on-Sea these two warriors will enter the arena to battle it out once more, this time for the World Boxing Union (WBU) International Crown.

Back in November McGivern-Iran, battled it out for the vacant Professional Boxing Council (PBC) Silver International Light Heavyweight title was the headline bout on Tommy Jacobs’ history making event, the first professional boxing event in Clacton-on-Sea since 1939, when Mike Kevan beat Charlie Mack.

Battled it out is the correct term; this was a Battle Royale of epic proportions.

Right from the off Iran took the fight to McGivern, backing the Scot onto the ropes and letting rip with a flurry of big left and rights. McGivern sensibly covered up and waited an opportunity to counter, which he did with good effect once the opportunity arose.

However it wasn’t enough to prevent Iran coming back with a similar forceful attack almost immediately. McGivern once again managed to counter and initially take control.

As the round progressed Iran landed a couple of cracking shots that again forced McGivern to cover up. Iran kept up the pressure with big shots, whilst McGivern caught many with his gloves some big rights got through the Scots guard, shaking him to the core.

How McGivern made it to the end of the round is unfathomable, his legs were well and truly gone, but somehow he did.

Round two see Iran come out hard and fast, however McGivern was ready for the assault, again initially covering up but this time instead of just countering and covering, he spun his opponent and went hard on the attack himself.

Round three see McGivern taking the fight to Iran, which led to some great technical boxing ensuing from both protagonists.

The next few rounds were fought in similar vein. The final round though was an out and out war; both boxers throwing caution to the wind and an all out slugfest ensued for the entire final three minutes – what an exhilarating round.

After eight fantastic rounds of boxing it was Ben McGivern declared victorious, but just who will reign victorious on the 22nd June.

Ben McGivern versus Navid Iran II, for the World Boxing Union (WBU) International Light Heavyweight Championship is the main support for Nathan Decastro versus Tommy Jacobs for the World Boxing Union (WBU) and World Boxing Foundation Super Middleweight Championships that headlines the show.

Also on the card is a further Championship fight, one that pits St Albans’ Andy Hojdys against Latvia’s Dmitrijs Ovjannikovs for both the World Boxing League (WBL) International and European Boxing League (EBL) European Light Heavyweight titles.

In addition to the three Championship contests, there are also a number of International matches, the first featuring World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia-Pacific Champion, India’s Neeraj Goyat in an eight round non-championship bout against Tanzania’s Amos Mwamakula.

Ipswich’s unbeaten Super Middleweight prospect Rob Elden looks to keep a clean sheet and extend his tally of wins when he faces the highly experienced Nicaraguan hard-man Ronny McField in a six rounder.

Clacton-on-Sea’s undefeated Featherweight Ben ‘The Claxican’ Cook also seeks to increase his win tally, when he faces Pablo Narvaez, who also hails from Nicaragua, in a four rounder.

The final Pro bout features Dean Porter, who is eager to get back to winning ways, following his loss to Jack Jones last month. 

Porter also faces a Nicaraguan, in this case former International Boxing Organisation (IBO) and World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth World Title challenger Michael Isaac Carreo in a four round non-championship contest.

Nathan Decastro versus Tommy Jacobs for the World Boxing Union (WBU) and World Boxing Foundation Super Middleweight Championships headlines the event that takes place at the Prince’s Theatre, Town Hall, Station Road,, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1SE on Saturday 22nd June 2019.

Tickets, priced £60 (VIP) and £30 (Standard seating) are available by calling the ticket line on 07475 096532, or purchase on-line at

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