Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor Final Press Conference ahead of their Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title Fight on Saturday night. Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Eddie Hearn:
“We are so happy to be back in Dublin, last time was good, this Saturday is going to be unbelievable. We are lucky to be part of something that is going to be very special, to everybody involved from the media to our team at Matchroom and of course to the fighters, you guys and girls have got a wonderful opportunity on Saturday night, live around the world on DAZN, to defend titles, to move into World championship positions, to maybe even move into future contracts with Matchroom and DAZN, and it’s all culminating in a main event that is just breathtaking. Chantelle Cameron was superb last time and is defending her undisputed 140lb title against the legend Katie Taylor. Last time, Gary Cully suffered defeat and then so did Katie, and it was almost like ‘that’s it’ for us in Ireland. But a few months on we’re back in a sold-out 3Arena with an even better card stacked with action, so many great fights and great fighters on display.”

Alfie Sharman:
“What a fight we have ahead of us, Chantelle looked indestructible in April and Katie being the formidable competitor that she is, it’s going to make for an amazing event. This night kicks off an incredible schedule to the end of the year, no-one in the world of boxing is doing what we’re doing right now and we’re incredibly proud to be bringing that to boxing fans all over the world.”

Chantelle Cameron:
“I am not complacent whatsoever, that’s why I put the work in. I feel like it’s the best camp I’ve ever had and I know that I’m going to be up against a Katie Taylor seeking revenge, I’ve taken that in my stride and worked hard because I know that this is not going to be a walk in the park. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.“I always set a hot pace every time I go in there, I have a high work rate but I can also adapt to any situation. I can get stuck in and have a fight, but I can also box. I feel really comfortable here, I’m embracing the week and enjoying it for once, usually I hate all this but I am taking it in my stride and enjoying it. “I’ve had great preparation, I’m the fittest and strongest that I have ever been, I don’t have a torn tricep this time, so I am good to go.”

Katie Taylor:
“I’m very grateful for this opportunity again, I have a second chance and I just can’t wait to fight at this stage. Whether I am seen as the underdog or the favourite, whoever walks first or second, it’s irrelevant, I am just hungry for the rematch, I can’t wait to step in there on Saturday and perform the way I know I can. I don’t really take too much notice of what people are saying to be honest, I am very single-minded and the only people I listen to are my team and my family, the people that I trust. I understand that this is a huge fight, I understand it is must-win for me, I know I am going to perform to the best of my ability on Saturday and it’s going to be a completely different fight to last time and I am just excited to showcase that.“I feel a lot better this time around. I’m just ready to fight. I hate all the talk, I hate all these press conferences, there’s nothing to say, I am just excited and ready. I am always ready for whatever comes my way, ready to dig deep if I have to, that’s why I put my body through the trenches week in, week out to be ready for these situations. “This is what every fighter dreams of, to headline a huge sold-out show like this, it’s going to be another amazing night on Saturday, the atmosphere is going to be electric again. I can’t wait, may the best fighter win.”

Jamie Moore:
“Relaxed, cool calm and collected, that’s a generic thing that we try to keep in terms of how we run things. Chantelle performed last time under a hell of a lot of pressure, it was a fantastic atmosphere and I expect it to be an even better one this time as everyone is going to get behind Katie and try and back her. We expect Katie to perform better, but I expect Chantelle to do the same. We sat down ten weeks ago and watched the fight back for the first time and we agreed halfway through that she could perform way better than she was even at that point in the fight. “Where I wanted her to be at the end of camp, she’s surpassed that, she’s better than I ever anticipated she could be, and she seems she’s really coming into her prime now. I expect an even better fight than last time, because I expect Katie to come, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Chantelle comes out on top.“The unknown is always the scary part. Going into the Lion’s Den and boxing Katie who is a living legend, it’s an unknown factor. Now she’s walked that path, it’s not that she doesn’t have the nerves, but she’s experienced it now and she’s coping with it better. She’s coming across better with the media, she’s never been one to embrace this stuff, she’s always shied away from it and let her fighting do the talking, but she is speaking a lot better now and that comes with experience I suppose.”

Ross Enamait:
“It’s a huge night and i just can’t wait for Saturday to come. I feel like we’re in a much, much better place than we were last time around, we’re healthier and there’s no pressure on us. No-one thinks we have a shot, so we’re here to prove everyone wrong. Losing sucks, nobody wants to be there, it’s been a long time since Katie lost, she’s always hungry but she’s hungrier now, and in a much better place. We’ve had a great camp and there’s not much to do but show up on Saturday and fight. I’m only worried about our side, it’s a rematch, they’ve seen each other before, there’s not going to be much feeling out. They’re going to get straight into it, I’m sure they’re coming after us, so we’ll see on Saturday, but I can tell you we’re ready. It’s about getting in there and winning. Katie doesn’t love being up here, I don’t think anybody does, aside from yourself! But we’re just here to fight, this is part of the game and we understand that. A lot of people are writing us off, but to me it feels like when Bernard Hopkins fought Kelly Pavlik, when at the end of that fight Hopkins stood over the media and took a look at everybody, that’s what I expecting on Saturday.”

Gary Cully:
“I’ve relocated with Joe McNally and Declan O’Rourke in Liverpool, I’ve put in the camp of my life over there. I went through some dark times, I’ve learned a lot about myself, in and out of the ring, and I’m ready to get back in the ring and back to winning ways on Saturday night. I’m a fighter, these things happen, if Reece’s memory is any good, the last time he was in a Matchroom ring, he was on oxygen when Leigh Wood sparked him. He’s been there before and knows what it feels like, I’ll show him Saturday night. He wants to talk about weight? He’s up here looking fat and skinny at the same time. I’m good, I’m sound at the weight and I’m ready to put on a performance and take him to school. “Last time I think we were all partying before we got the result. I was talking to Katie’s Mum yesterday about the same thing, everyone was here for a celebration, big-time boxing was back in Ireland and all that. This time, I’ve taken myself away from all of that, I’ve been in Liverpool for the last 12 weeks, cycling to the gym in my hat and scarf in the cold mornings, living in a single room. It’s humbled me a bit, back to where I came from at 15/16 years of age with a chip on my shoulder and hunger, I’ve got something to prove, and that’s what I’ll do, prove to not only myself but all the people what I can do. I will put on a masterclass of boxing, follow my coaches instructions, and if the KO comes, it comes, but it’s a Gary Cully victory all day long.”

Reece Mould:
“We’re very confident in this fight and not because of Gary’s last fight, we’ve been watching him for a while now. We actually got this fight put to us at the start of the year, i know Gary says he’s only taken this fight because we’ve seen the defeat, but i had a fight planned then three weeks out and i wasn’t prepared to give the first defence of my title up just to fight him. We were confident of coming through that fight and were hoping Gary would come through his and we would have got it on then, but it didn’t work out like that. But we’re here today and we’re very confident in what we’re going to do.“There’s not many top fighters that come through defeats like his and bounce back. Gary has said that he’s fighting himself on Saturday night, but he’s not, he’s fighting me and he’s going to have a lot of demons going into this, anyone that suffered a defeat like he has is going to tell you a lie and that’s one of the reasons we’re so confident. I know what it’s like to be in there when you are struggling with the weight, I know the effects it has and I am sure it’s going to have an effect on Gary. “Your team isn’t that confident as there’s a rematch clause in this, you didn’t take the rematch with Felix, so I don’t think you are confident. I don’t think he’ll see the final bell.”

Paddy Donovan:
“I really respect Danny but I believe this is a stepping stone for me in my career. I think that I am on the way to becoming a World champion, I have all of Ireland behind me, I know how good I am and what I can do. A lot of people are saying I haven’t been tested, that’s because I don’t let anyone test me. No fighter that gets in the ring gets close to me. I feel invincible in there and I am ready to put on another show. He’s never fought anyone like me, he’s a good and durable fighter but he’s up against a World class fighter, no doubt about it. No excuses, I’ve had a 12 week camp and some of the best sparring in the World with Adam Azim, I’m in the best shape possible, well-schooled for it with a great game plan and I’m ready to execute it on Saturday night.”

Danny Ball:
“I’ll soak it all up on the night, I enjoy fighting away, I’ve done it a couple of times and the odds are always against me but I come out on top. I’ve had great preparation for this so I’m ready for it. The last time you saw me fight I didn’t have to go through the gears, you saw me box behind my jab and made it easy work, kept chopping away. You’ll see a different side of me this time, I’m ready to bring the ding-dong from the Black Country to Dublin. I’m ready for it, I’m not looking past Paddy, but a big win here and hopefully I can get something big in the new year.”

Thomas Carty:
“I’m really looking forward to it. Dan is a tough test on paper, five wins, one loss, coming in off a first round KO win. If I am on the trajectory that I think I am and everyone else thinks, he is just another stepping stone and I am going to stand on his head to get past him. Anyone that was there last time saw the atmosphere, it was breathtaking. I remember the walk out and it was just a sea of green, people going crazy – Irish fans are nuts by the way, you know that – so I am really looking forward to seeing it again. I think the atmosphere will be better this time, Katie is on the get-back this time, so everyone is eager to get the win. Dan is saying he’s had great sparring and I hope he has as everyone has an excuse when I beat them, they were drunk in the ring or something along those lines, so I hope he did have a good camp so there’s no excuses.”

Dan Garber:
“Thomas has looked fantastic in all his fights and I know what I am up against. He looks a great boxer, he’s done all that has been asked of him. I’m coming off a first round KO of an unbeaten opponent, I’ve had six weeks notice so I am probably in the best shape of my life, sparring has been fantastic, so I am going in full of confidence and there’s no pressure on me, it’s all on him. I don’t fear anyone, that’s why I took the fight and it’s what I have been waiting for. It’s the first time I’ve been in with no pressure on me, no-one expects me to win apart from myself, my trainer and manager, and they are the only people I need to believe I can win. May the best man win, Thomas has got my full respect, I’ve watched all his fights, he’s got a great jab, he looks the part, we’ll see how it goes on Saturday night.”

Skye Nicolson:
“I feel unbelievable, definitely the fittest, strongest and best prepared I’ve been for a fight. I’m definitely not overlooking Lucy, I think she is a great athlete, but we’re going to see the difference in levels on Saturday night. Full focus is on Saturday night, we can look at the Amanda Serrano fight afterwards, I have to get the job done first.”

Lucy Wildheart:
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. To all the Irish people letting us be here and seeing all the girls at the workout yesterday, they love it and it’s going to be an epic fight. I like Skye, but this is business, I’m here to win. It was a great fight, Mikaela Meyer is fantastic, but I gave her a good fight. I am supposed to be a Featherweight, it’s my division, and I am here to take over.”

Zelfa Barrett:
“Costin Ion is no slouch, he comes to win, but I believe in myself and believe I am World class, so my performance will be spectacular. I’m ready for anyone, I was speaking to Frank Smith and Steve Wood on FaceTime, it doesn’t matter where it is, I will fight anyone, anywhere with the right notice. I believe in myself so anyone can get it.”

Emmet Brennan:
“The plan was to always move fast. Jamie is Irish Celtic champion, it made sense to go after him and I think on Saturday you have two lads that are going to go toe-to-toe and the Irish fans are in for a treat. I know we’re on early so to the fans coming, make sure you are there for this fight. I’m confident, eight rounds is nothing to me. Jamie has been in wars but he’s faded towards the end of them. If that happens in this fight, no doubt about it, I will capitalize on it. We sold a lot of tickets, this for me is the fight that’s going to be the big one on the undercard, Limerick vs. Dublin, and a back and forth toe-to-toe fight, it’s huge.”

Jamie Morrissey:
“It’s a great opportunity and I’m grateful to be here, but it’s about capitalizing on it now. It’s my fifth domestic fight in seven, this is going to be the fourth unbeaten record that I will be taking. I’m not here to make up the numbers, I’m here to change my career. I have a healthy respect for Emmet but I look at him as a mere man, no different to any of my past opponents. The bookies have written me off but I I have earned my place here. Maybe people are overlooking me, I have what matters and that is real self-belief that I am going to get this job done, and I have to.”

Liam Gaynor:
“This is my big opportunity, the one I’ve been working towards and I’ve taken these big tests over the last year or so, now is my time to put on a show. If you watch any of my fights, you’re expecting a war.”

John Cooney:
“All-action, that’s what I am going to bring you on Saturday night. I saw you saying the last few weeks that people need to be in exciting fights, and that’s what I am bringing. A win here changes both our lives, but unfortunately for him, it’s only a win for me and then I am moving on to big things in the 135lb division. I want all the big names, the big domestic fights in 2024, and I am coming for all the titles, 100 per cent.”

Giorgio Visioli:
“I’m very excited, it’s been a while now and I am forward to putting on a great performance and showcasing my talent to the world. I won a lot in the UK amateur scene but GB decided not to take me after I won two double weights at Senior level, it was the right time to go as GB took my weight out of the Olympics, I decided to go pro and I think it’s the best time. It’s a great card to be on, it’s exciting times now.”
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