Anthony Fowler – Liverpool, England – 9-1, 8 KOs – fighting Brian Rose for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental Middleweight title:

“Obviously in my last fight I learned a harsh lesson of going in all guns blazing and going for the knockout, not the win, so I learnt a lot that night and I’m just grateful to have a great fight straight away. I couldn’t think of anything worse than boxing some journeyman over six rounds like I did for my first nine fights. As Brian says, the respect is there and it is a great fight and he’s a great fighter but I walk into this fight knowing that I’ve given everything, every ounce of strength that I’ve got. I’ve trained my arse off, I’ve studied tapes, I’ve watched that last fight about ten times, it kills me to watch it. I’ve watched the mistakes, I’ve learned and I know with this fight that I’m at my best so whatever happens happens because I’ve given it 100%.

“I’d boxed him (Fitzgerald) before at amateur, I’d watched his whole career and I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t think he was capable of that performance so I just thought it would be a routine win. Obviously I got the shock and got proved wrong. I’ve learned not to underestimate anyone, I’m prepared for the best Brian Rose there’s ever been and I’m prepared to beat that fighter.

“Obviously that defeat is still there but you know what I haven’t slept for 15 weeks I’ve just been thinking I need to win this fight more than anything. It has been on my mind constantly. I need to win no matter what. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this fight and this fight is one more step closer to that rematch that I desperately want.”

Brian Rose – Blackpool, England – 31-5-1, 8 KOs – fighting Anthony Fowler for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental Middleweight title:

“I’m in the shape of my life. I am bigger and making the weight better. I’ve not made weight yet but I know tomorrow it will be easy, I’m on weight now. I’m in peak condition, this has the makings of a great fight. I respect Fowler and his team, we’ve spent a bit of time in Marbella together and I like Dave Coldwell and what he’s done with the lads, he’s done a great job, they’re actually friends of mine. It is nothing personal, it is just business, he’s looking to get his career back on track and I’m looking to revive mine. There’s no doubt in mine that I will be reviving mine.

“What started it was that I wanted no regrets. I didn’t want to finish my career on the loss of Jack Arnfield, he’s was one of my best friends, I didn’t want that to happen. I went to America and going to America changed my life. I got pushed to limits that I didn’t even know my body could go. I’m doing things now that I couldn’t even do at 24, 25 so for me, two or three years ago this could have been a good fight but I believe that he’s got me at the wrong time. It sounds mad because I’m 34 and I know Anthony thinks that he’s got me at the right time because I’m a little bit older and people think I’m past it but I honestly believe he’s getting me at the wrong time. I’m in the shape of my life. Like I say, I’m doing things in sparring and in the gym that I’ve never done before. 

“I think in the end experience is what will tell in the fight, but like you say it’s got the makings of a great fight. I know I’m going to get him and I’m sure he knows he’s going to get hit but as I said I think experience will take its toll and that’s what will win me the fight.”

Jack Cullen – Bolton, England – 16-1, 7 KOs – defending his English Middleweight title against John Harding Jr:

“This is a really important fight for my career. I’m just glad that John Harding Jr has taken this fight. I am the English Middleweight Champion and I’m staying the English Middleweight Champion. That’s a fact. I’ve trained hard so it doesn’t matter who you fight. As long as you train hard and you put the time and effort in. I can beat anyone, I’m ready. I’ll have a lot of fans in there, it’s going to be a good night.”

John Harding Jr – Brixton, England – 7-0-1, 1 KO – challenging Jack Cullen for his English Middleweight title:

“I want to thank everyone for coming out and I want to thank God for this situation that I’m in now. I’m getting so many messages of support from people that I’ve touched with my story and my progression. I’m so thankful. When this opportunity came I just said ‘yes’ straight away. As soon as they said who it would be against I said ‘yes I can take him’.

“It just fits so right with the situation of my life and my story. He’s got more experience than me and had more fights. I’m coming to take his crown and win. I just feel fired up about being the underdog right now. My heart is blazing and I’m ready for war. I’m just ready to go in there, all guns blazing. It’s going to be a good fight, it’s going to be war.”

Sean McGoldrick – Newport, Wales – 9-0, 2 KOs – fighting Thomas Essomba for the vacant WBA Continental Bantamweight title:

“This fight has really got me excited. I’m looking forward to this one more than any of my other fights. I’m really excited for it and it is a great fight. This is my first title fight which is a massive thing for me. I think our styles will gel. It will be a good fight.”

Thomas Essomba – Ryhope, England – 8-5, 3 KOs – fighting Sean McGoldrick for the vacant WBA Continental Bantamweight title:

“Firstly I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to Friday.”

Robbie Davies Jr – Liverpool, England – 18-1, 12 KOs – fighting Michal Dufek in a 8 round Welterweight contest:

“It’s great to be back in Liverpool. It’s another chance to show everyone what I can do. All of these unification fights coming back in the 140lbs division, that’s the mix I want to be in. I feel like I’ve paid my dues with the British, Commonwealth and European titles. I’m looking now for World title eliminators and pushing onto that World scene. That’s my main goal now. I’m having a tick over fight to keep busy but I’m looking for those big fights towards the end of the year. Friday night I’m looking to put on a performance and get a big KO win.”

Martin Bakole – Airdrie, Scotland – 12-1, 9 KOs – fighting Ytalo Perea in a 8 round Heavyweight contest:

“Firstly I want to thank my God, and thank you Matchroom for welcoming me to the team. Thanks to my coach Billy Nelson and to AJ for helping me. I’m looking forward to Friday night. I want to look good so Eddie can put me on his show in Glasgow. I’m very excited to fight live on Sky Sports. I can’t wait for Friday night.”

John Docherty – Montrose, Scotland – 5-0, 5 KOs – fighting Darryl Sharp in a 4 round Super-Middleweight contest:

“I’m here to put on a good show. When I get in that ring I’m looking for the knockout. On Friday night I’ll be looking for my best knockout yet. I’m looking forward to boxing in Liverpool. I’ve never boxed in Liverpool before so I’m looking forward to getting another big knockout. I’m ready to step up now. I feel like I’m ready but it’s just down to my coach Tony and yourself Eddie. I’m ready to fight these boys now. I think I’m British title level now. Never mind in a few months time.”

Qais Ashfaq – Leeds, England – 6-0, 3 KOs – fighting Sean Davies in a 8 round Super-Bantamweight contest:

“This kid on Friday is going to come to fight. I think that suits me perfectly. Liverpool has been good to me, I won my second senior ABA title here and I’ve boxed here plenty of times. I’ve not lost, so touch wood we don’t lose on Friday and we get an excellent performance and a excellent win.”

Dylan Evans – Manchester, England – 2-0 – fighting Aleksandrs Birkenberg in a 4 round Super-Featherweight contest:

“I was a bit upset when the Manchester card fell through because it’s every Manchester lad’s dream to fight at the MEN but I’m grateful to Matchroom for getting me on this show and I’m looking forward to putting on a big performance. It’s great working with Crolla. He’s been through everything in his career. I can only gain top experience from him. I’m picking more and more up each day.”

Thomas Whittaker Hart – Liverpool, England – 1-0 – fighting Ivo Krastev in a 4 round Light-Heavyweight contest:

“I was gutted about the show in Manchester but it’s probably worked out better for me now getting to fight back in my own city. I’m happy. It’s just about putting on a good performance on Friday night. My debut opponent hung in there at times. I was gutted to not get him out of there but it was all good experience for me. I came through the fight easily so it was a good night.”
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